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September 15, 2009



Totally cute pictures, but could you have picked a less flattering picture of me if you TRIED??? ;)


oh these pictures totally make me laugh and smile!!!! Ahhh!!! What great FUN!!! And could I be more of a dork in that candle pic?! haha! I love it!
Thanks so much for a great morning! You guys are too sweet. I loved everything!


Looks like a good time! Happy birthday to both of you!


Happy Birthday to you too--so sad to miss out on these fun get togethers.


and the 9 kids were just the ones there that day! There were a good 12 in school, huh? :)


Yes, Cindy. There were 12 in school. Between the 6 of us we have 21 kids.

Lisa Brown

What an awesome friend you are to throw her a party. It looks like a blast.


What a fun party! I enjoyed starting my day off with yummy food, good friends and a little practice on the wii...although it looks like I need to take it a little more seriously ;)


Good friends is where it's at! It was a fun morning!!


Oh Gosh,how fun-that's so cute that you did a little Hawaiian theme. Happy Birthday to you both!


I was however, expected you to reveal a secret skinny-dipping excursion because of your title;).

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